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McDonald's Top Dishes


Big Mac

The one and only two sear-sizzled 100% pure beef patties and special sauce. Cheese, lettuce, onions and pickles.

Egg McMuffin

A delicious source of protein. We place a freshly-cracked egg on a toasted English Muffin topped with real butter, crispy bacon and melty cheese.

QP with Cheese

It’s 100% pure beefy cheesiness. Two slices of melting cheddar cheese, a quarter pound of 100% pure beef on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Strawberry Sundae

Creamy vanilla soft serve topped with sliced strawberries in a sweet and tart strawberry sauce

McDonald's HK delivers to your home or office!


McDonald's breakfast menu delivered to your home...

Business travellers who are visiting a new country every week sometimes want something a little bit familiar far from home. If there is one reliable comfort which is now visible across the globe, it is the famous Golden Arches. At this popular chain of fast food restaurants, you can be pretty certain what to expect, wherever you are in the world. Although there are differences in the menu from country to country, the classic Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, and Apple Pie are very much in evidence on the McDonald's HK menu. When you order online for delivery, you will find a familiar display which still features these favourite menu items as well as some unusual local items not offered by McDonald's restaurants in the West.

Local variations in the McDonald's HK menu

As well as classic options like the Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish and the famous French fries, the McDonald's HK menu features seasonal products, which will be advertised when you order online. The Hong Kong public are fond of steamed corn, so that is on the menu here too, along with a corn pie (prepared in the same way as the classic McApple pie.) Green tea is favoured beverage here so you can order that too. Chicken wings are popular and McDonalds HK menu offers these as well as nuggets. From time to time a new special offer or promotion is released so look out for these when you order online for delivery. The familiar Asian practice of adding side dishes to a main meal package is also available here and this simple procedure means you can tailor the meal exactly to how you like it. Food from McDonald's shouldn't be complicated and neither should ordering online or getting it delivered.


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